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Speeding up slow internet service | News

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Speeding up slow internet service

STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. (WXIA) -- High speed internet connections aren't considered luxuries any more. To many, broadband service is a required utility for homework and even employment.

Yet hundreds of people in Henry County have no other choice than to deal with slow connections while their neighbors stream at full speed.

Reeshard Scott emailed 11Alive's Jeremy Campbell about the issue. Scott felt frustrated because no matter what he pays, he can't get high speed internet at his home.

He moved in to a brand new house in Stockbridge in December and expected reasonable service. That didn't happen.

"None of those service providers come to us. Nobody. We are limited to DSL through AT&T," Scott said.

AT&T provided the following statement and declined an on camera interview:

"We regularly assess the balance of customer needs and the overall service experience - including expanding AT&T U-verse high speed Internet service availability and 4G LTE wireless coverage. We are committed to providing our customers with a great service experience."

Scott says he pays $55 for 3Mbps. Scott says he'd rather have the cheaper $40 deal offered by Comcast for 75 Mbps. It's available just a few streets over.

However by Comcast standards there aren't enough people in Stockbridge to build new fiber lines to his neighborhood. It's too rural. Service isn't offered there, although it does serve nearby parts of Henry County.

"That to me is just a bunch of baloney. I think they can build this infrastructure if they choose to do so," Scott said.

After all his neighborhood is currently under construction.

We found one possible solution when speaking with Comcast spokesperson Alex Horwitz. He explained when a community demands a product, and especially when a neighborhood offers to pay for the infrastructure, it can happen.

"They would sort-of split the cost of bringing the network to them. Usually it's a very reasonable fee, and it obviously pays dividends for them and that's one avenue they can go," Horwitz said.

Horwitz asked that we give Scott his cell number to get the conversation going.

Scott is on the case. He's already spoken out at a county government meeting, and now he's organizing a movement to get a full list of people who want high speed internet in Henry County.