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Photo Gallery | Carver's Country Kitchen in $20

ATLANTA – Husband and wife, Robert and Sharon Carver started Carver’s County Kitchen in 1991 when Sharon decided to quit her job in real estate and turn her cooking hobby into a restaurant. The restaurant, which was previously Carver’s Grocery, took the name Carver's Kitchen when they opened.

Sharon does most of the cooking while Robert “does the prep work”. “He’s the prep boy and cashier”, Sharon says.

Robert is from Douglas, Georgia while Sharon is from Sand Point, Idaho. Although she’s not from the south, she said “a lot of people out west cook comfort food like this”. Sharon learned the majority of her recipes from cookbooks and from people she met when she moved to Atlanta, more than thirty years ago.

Sharon said business is, still, good even in this economic forecast. They get a lot of their business from students, in the area. “Were fans of Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Georgia, they all come here to eat”, she said; “we think of ourselves as an out-of-the-way, hole-in-the-wall, restaurant for Southern comfort”.

Sharon doesn't’t think their children want to “work hard enough” to take over the business when they decide to retire but they aren’t going anywhere, soon. One of their sons has a business in Denver, Toms Home Cooking and Sharon thinks “Tom’s a better cook”.

The restaurant, that only accepts cash, offers a daily Blue Plate Special and meal prices range from 7.95 to 12.95. They're open from 11:00 until 3:00 Monday through Friday.

Every Tuesday, the Where U Live team chooses a Metro Atlanta restaurant and with the restaurant's help, shows you how you can sample the menu without spending too much.


Sharon recommends the Dolly Pardon Chicken Breast Meal with two sides and a choice of bread. The Dolly Pardon is composed of a double chicken breast that has been brined in salt water overnight, battered in eggs and buttermilk, breaded in seasoned flour and then deep fried. She recommends getting the greens as an accompaniment. The collard greens are flavored with beef bouillon and soy sauce. And the Mac and Cheese which is cooked with pasta, Velveeta cheese, cheddar, milk and butter and it’s baked and topped with Ritz crackers. Guests can then choose between homemade cornbread and a biscuit. This meal costs about $13.00.


Sharon, also, recommends the field peas. The peas are, also, cooked with beef bouillon, salt and pepper and onion powder. The peas only cost about $2.50.


For desert, she suggests the restaurants famous chocolate Coca-Cola cake which she bakes from scratch. Sharon uses actual Coca-Cola in her popular cake and she glazes her cake instead of frosting it. The cake costs about $3 per slice.


And, to drink, Sharon recommends the Lipton Sweet Iced Tea, to complete your meal. Sharon describes her sweet tea as “true Southern sweet tea” she even brews it with ice. The tea costs $1.50

Check them out at 118 West Marietta Street Northwest in West Marietta.