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A fun way to teach your kid to read! 50% off edutainment DVDs and CDs from Readeez ($30 value) | Arts & Culture

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A fun way to teach your kid to read! 50% off edutainment DVDs and CDs from Readeez ($30 value)
A fun way to teach your kid to read! 50% off edutainment DVDs and CDs from Readeez ($30 value)

Make it easy for your kids to learn reading, math and more with Today's Scoop: CLICK HERE TO PAY $15 AND GET $30 to spend on edutainment DVD's and CD's from Readeez.   THIS EXCLUSIVE DEAL ENDS MONDAY, OCTOBER 3RD AT MIDNIGHT

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When we were young, Schoolhouse Rock taught us about interjections and figure eights. Readeez is this generation's entertaining learning tool that is simply amazing. Kids will learn to read, understand pronouns, clocks and calendars, plus math, ESL, spelling and so many other useful things!

Readeez are not cutesy or boring DVDs that will collect dust on your shelf. They are award-winning, entertaining mini-musical cartoons and live-action videos that combine the written word with the spoken word in an original way called SyllableSync™.  Kids from ages 2 to 6, will "giggle and grin while the knowledge sneaks in” with this new and extremely effective concept, created by Michael Rachap (a.k.a. Mr. Michael, a beloved local Atlanta teacher at Eclectic Music, an intown music school in Virginia Highland, Ansley Park and Morningside).

Readeez builds sight word recognition, boosts reading fluency, and reinforces spelling by allowing kids to both see and hear each syllable of each word simultaneously. It's like a succession of colorful, entertaining flash cards where each word (or syllable) is shown front and center, alongside fun characters who tell stories, riddles and sing songs. Learning is easier and the information sticks in your kid's memory forever! Children and adults love the minimalist style where words and images pop on a crisp white backdrop. Since words are the dominant element through these videos, Readeez are more like books than videos.

Check out these videos for just two examples:



Whether you are driving in the minivan or watching at home, Readeez' original and insanely catchy songs are always fun to have around. Sing a song of words with Songeez, the best-loved tunes from the Readeez Volume One and Volume Two DVDs, collected on one 28-song disc. Packaged with a 32-page, full-color booklet of lyrics ($15 + shipping). The quality hooks and humorous, kid-friendly lyrics will have the whole family singing along.

There's more to learn than just reading. Our son is now a sorting and counting machine thanks to catchy money counting songs like “Nickelish” and “Quarterrific” found in The Readeez Money Math Folderful Digital Download ($8.95)

Volume Three is the latest and greatest from Readeez ($15 + shipping). The debut of “Readee-Oh” brings you a musical feast that features guest appearances by children music artists' Recess Monkey, the Okee Dokee Brothers, Coal Train Railroad, the Speks and Alan Wolpert. You'll learn about table manners, math, grammar, days of the week, telling time, a bit about Jet Packs, the list goes on...

Readeez are available two ways: As physical DVDs and CDs or as Omneez digital downloads that play on your computer, iPad, iPhone or AppleTV. More than 150 Readeez have been produced so far!

With Today's deal, you'll get $30 in credit at the Readeez store, to use as you like for DVDs, CDs or digital downloads. Save even more with a Readeez Grand Slam Bundle - Three DVDs + 1 Audio CD for $48 plus shipping.

We all know reading is fundamental, why not make it FUN too? Kids love Readeez and will be begging you to watch their favorites over and over again. And you'll be happy to oblige!


"My family adores you and your work! My toddler has all your songs memorized. Readeez is a huge part of our lives. I believe Readeez is hugely responsible for her reading. She started reading phonetically at 18-months, just after we showed her Readeez for a couple of weeks. Hope you won't stop making those wonderful videos." - Chi Chi S., The Phillipines

"My daughter and I just sat and watched a bunch of Readeez. We both love them. After "Flip Flops" she started telling me how to spell "flip flops." Now she's walking around the house singing and reciting "Hangin' Around." So much fun!"- Dave S., Richmond, Virginia

"My oldest really struggles with dyslexia, but he is LOVING the Readeez." - Carrie S., Shelton, WA

"We've been singing along so loud to Songeez that I'm sure you can hear us in the States!" - Paul Q., Ireland

Go to www.readeez.com/store to learn more and watch a wonderful sampling of Readeez entertaining videos.


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