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Puppy injured after being thrown from moving car | News

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Puppy injured after being thrown from moving car

JONESBORO, GA - Dozer, a 10-week-old Boxer puppy, is still whimpering occasionally at the McDonough Animal Hospital, but not from pain.

He just likes attention.

But the bandages on all four of his feet cover serious injuries to his paws that were very painful a few days ago.

Last Tuesday, someone threw Dozer from a moving car on a residential street in Jonesboro.

"I love dogs; I love animals; my family loves animals, so to see the dog in so much pain, it was sad," Cory Jackson told 11Alive News on Tuesday.

Jackson said he and some family members saw a small SUV speed past their house and then noticed the puppy limping painfully toward their driveway.

One week later, dark spots still mark the path of the dog's small, bloody footprints.

Jackson said a few minutes after it happened, a man came running to their house shouting and cursing that the dog belonged to his brother.

Twenty-year-old Quincy Egbon McDonnell claimed the puppy had been taken from his nearby home.

"Somebody grabbed it, quote, unquote," Jackson said McDonnell told him.

"He don't know for sure; he went in the house and the dog was gone," Jackson said the agitated man claimed.

Jackson said McDonnell took off on foot with the injured puppy before police arrived.

Clayton County Animal Control Officers and Sheriff Deputies tracked McDonnell down at his nearby home.

They arrested him after he allegedly tried to run from them.

They charged him, not with animal cruelty, but with disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

While Clayton County authorities are still trying to figure out who threw the puppy from a moving car, Dozer is recovering at McDonough Animal Hospital.

"He's growing fast," Veterinarian Erica Ortiz told 11 Alive News.

She said in addition to his injuries, Dozier was malnourished when he arrived a week ago.

"He's put on some weight and he's obviously feeling better," she added as he squirmed and whimpered in her arms.

Dr. Ortiz said once Dozer's wounds heal in another few weeks they will put him up for adoption through an organization called Partners Through Pets.

Anyone wishing to adopt Dozer may contact McDonough Animal Hospital at (770) 957-3927.