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Moms take on city hall by breastfeeding | News

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Moms take on city hall by breastfeeding
Moms take on city hall by breastfeeding

FOREST PARK, Ga. -- About 200 nursing moms and their supporters staged a nurse-in at Forest Park City Hall on Monday to protest new limits on breast-feeding in public.

"Nursing is so good for children," said Sarah Waterhouse of McDonough as she nursed her 23-month-old daughter. "We're against anything that discourages moms or makes them feel humiliated."

Last week, the city council passed a public indecency ordinance  designed to protect citizens from lewd acts in public places. The ordinance included one sentence that exempts women who are breastfeeding infants "under the age of two."

"Breastfeeding women have to take a stand against laws like this or the laws will become even worse," said Jessica Lister, the organizer of Monday's nurse-in. "Next, they'll say you can only nurse infants up to the age of one."

Lister brought her 19-month-old son to the protest and nursed him in front of Forest Park City Hall.

In response to Monday's protest, Forest Park city leaders are reviewing the new indecency ordinance and could revise it in two weeks, according to city manager John Parker.

Parker points out that Forest Park's city attorney used the exact breastfeeding wording that already exists in DeKalb County and City of Griffin public indecency ordinances. 

"We are now crafting an amendment to this ordinance to try to nullify some of these conflicts," Parker said on Friday.

Lister said she might consider organizing protests in DeKalb County and Griffin. She points out there are no age limits in the Georgia law that allows breastfeeding in public places.