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Three Stockbridge Incumbents’ Voting Records

The Citizen newsletter. From staff reports

Here are some more voting records of the three sitting incumbents running for re-election this fall. These records are important because they involve the rights of the citizens. Some of the incumbents are trying to explain away the reason they voted the way they did. Here is more for the citizens to read:

1. They all voted to control the agenda and the order of business. Ordinance 10-211 Order of Business regarding regular meeting dates. It had worked for 30+ years now that we have a new Mayor they don’t want him to control it. They feel they must take away the power of the Mayor to set the business and agenda. All three incumbents worked with the former Mayor in this capacity where the Mayor set what the meeting was about, now they want full control.

2. They all voted to control who sat on what committees. Ordinance 10-212 Election of Committee Officers.

Stockbridge: GBI Wants Forensic Audit

Stockbridge:  GBI Wants Forensic Audit

The Citizen newsletter.  From staff reports

In a move of transparency and public disclosure, Mayor Lee Stuart adjusted the Council Agenda on Monday Sept. 12th to include the following notification from the Georgia bureau of Investigation.

We have recently been advised of possible financial irregularities within the city of Stockbridge financial funds.

These findings stem from a management training exercise conducted in May and June 2011. A forensic audit needs to be conducted to determine if criminal activity has occurred. This must be done prior to the GBI becoming involved in an investigation. The forensic audit needs to be conducted by an outside firm at the city's expense. If criminal activity is discovered the findings should be discussed with the District Attorney.

Sometimes Old School can still be better

Sometimes Old School can still be better

McDONOUGH, GA - Folks were quick on the draw with their cell phones at a McDonough gas station on Highway 155 on Friday.

They wanted to capture a rare sight...an urban cowboy.

That's how most people react when Charles Edwards and his quarter horse, Honey, saunter into town.

"You know I have heard somebody say, 'Mom, look at the black cowboy,' you know; it's just a trip, man," said Edwards.

He began riding for social fun with the South Metro Riders Club about four years ago.

But these days his passion has turned into a practical way for Edwards to save money and educate people about history.

He even claims he can cover more ground on horseback.

"With the traffic growing in Henry County, I can get here faster than I can in a car," he said.

As they ponied up nearly four bucks a gallon to fill their horseless carriages, some drivers were thinking twice.

Henry County BoC: No Transparency; No Accountability

Henry County BoC: No Transparency; No Accountability

The BOC, at its meeting this morning, approved a $900,000 Airport Budget for 2011-12. It appears that the first purchase payment will not be made until next year’s budget. This $900,000 appears not to be part of the initial purchase price of $2.7.

There were no line items presented to the public. Just the $900,000. In the event this is additional funding the new initial cost to the taxpayer is $ 3.6 Million.

This project is taking on the same Modus Operandi of the "Stimulus funded" Nash Farm. This is like every thing we have bought in the last several years. “Well, since we now own it we have to make it work regardless of the cost,” being the standard justification.

With a stimulus funded project, one does not have to be held accountable nor be concerned about the amount one spends.

Henry BOC Takes Credit for Putting Citizens in Debt

The Henry County BOC has set up a hospitality tent out at our new airport to welcome all the incoming flights for race weekend, They want to let them know that big changes are on the way!

Another propaganda piece was made available on the Henry County BOC website this morning touting (again) what a great investment this will be just as soon as we can get some big corporations to move here. Or just as soon as the aerospace industry decides to move here. Or whatever.

Who Is Don Henderson?

Who Is Don Henderson?

Don Henderson is a Candidate for District 3, Henry Board of Commissioners

Yesterday was a good/bad day in that I received the reply from an overworked, underpaid, stressed out property appraiser. For the second time in as many years my home lost market value, thus I lost money. In 2008 the county appraised my home at 353K, in 2009 280K, in 2010 228K. I don't know about you but a loss of 125K in 3 years doesn't put me in the position to buy an airport unless I get rid of the expense of some of my family. Oh, that's right as a county we did that already. And the value continues to fall. Who's next? ...Pink slips available at Nash Farms, Cottonfields Golf Club, and the latest location is Tara Field airport.

7 named to Deal's immigration review board

7 named to Deal's immigration review board

ATLANTA -- Seven people have been appointed to a newly created board to look into complaints about state and local officials failing to comply with state laws related to immigration.

The Immigration Enforcement Review Board was created by the state's tough new law targeting illegal immigration.

Appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal are Americans for Immigration Control spokesman Phil Kent, former Fulton County GOP chairman Shawn Hanley and lawyer Ben Vinson. Appointed by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle are Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin and Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager. Appointed by House Speaker David Ralston are lawyer Robert Mumford and Colquitt County Commissioner Terry Clark.

The board will have the power to investigate complaints, hold hearings, subpoena documents and witnesses, and take disciplinary action.