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90-day moratorium on Personal Care Homes | Politics

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90-day moratorium on Personal Care Homes


In an effort to clear up conflicting language in the County’s Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) regarding personal care homes, the Henry County Board of Commissioners has declared a 90 day moratorium on the acceptance and or approval on any applications, licenses or permits relating to personal care homes located within unincorporated Henry County. The action came at Monday’s regular meeting.

Officials said that the ULDC and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan require additional review and revision by the County in relation to the location of personal care homes within single family residential zones and the development and standards of personal care homes located anywhere within unincorporated Henry County.

The moratorium will give officials time to clarify inconsistencies, ambiguities and conflicting language in the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC). They will utilize the time period to research surrounding jurisdictions and well as go over the minutes from the Commission meetings when the ULDC was originally passed to ensure that the revised language is in keeping with the Board of Commissioners intent.

Officials will seek to determine if the original intent was to allow personal care homes to operate inside a subdivision as well as determine what number of clients and employees is appropriate in those zones. Staff will also work to better define what constitutes a personal care home and non-home occupation.

Any changes made to the ordinance will not apply to group homes or assisted living facilities. 

To review the Unified Land Development Code in its entirety, please visit www.hcpz.org