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ANOTHER $928k for Sidewalks | Community Spirit

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ANOTHER $928k for Sidewalks
ANOTHER $928k for Sidewalks
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ANOTHER $928k for Sidewalks:

This Time It’s Panola Mountain Park


by Joanie Scott

Yesterday we learned that the Henry County Board of Commissioners will be voting on whether or not to accept a grant from the GDOT for $435k to build walking trails at Nash Farm. The catch is that accepting it would require the taxpayers of Henry County to chip in an additional $108k.

Well, now we find out today that the resolution the BOC will be voting on will also includes another grant from the GDOT for $700k for one miles of walking trails at Panola State Park on Highway 155 in northern Henry County.

The local match portion is $228k of which $50k comes from the taxpayers of Henry county and $178k cones from a private entity called "PATH".

So, between Nash Farm and Panola Park the Henry Board of Commissioners sees fit to spend more than $1.4 MILLION DOLLARS on sidewalks after they just bought an airport, laid off 57 county employees, did not fill 30 open county positions, gave out 72 early retirements to county employees, hand out 4 furlough days a year to existing county employees, and cut the library budget to the bare bones.

Contact your commissioner and demand they stop this irresponsible spending. Threaten to withhold your vote from them if they don't start realizing this county is broke. If they don't have the common sense to realize that sidewalks are a very low priority right now, then they don't deserve to represent you.

Using In-Kind Services

(meaning County Employees, Equipment and Materials)

Here is the argument against in-kind labor of existing employees for these projects:

If we can afford to allow Public Works employees to spend time building low priority sidewalks that we do not need, then there are too many Public Works employees.

If it is true that the BOC intends to use in-kind services as the matching portion of these grants, then the county has already budgeted the $158k in the salaries of these engineers and other laborers. As a result, we now have high paid employees working on low priority jobs.

If the county cannot find a higher priority use of these employees time then the Public Works Department should be trimmed. The cost savings should go to restoring full employment to the furloughed county employees who provide services to the citizens of Henry County. Citizens who pay the salaries of county employees are being inconvenienced by the closings of the tax and tag office, our courts, and animal control, to name a few.

The purpose of our local government is to provide its citizen with essential services needed to maintain safety and public order. When offices are closed because employees are furloughed, citizens no longer have access to those services. Accordingly, all non-essential government activity should cease so that citizens maintain access to essential services for which they pay.

To sum up a better use for any and all transportation funds, local, state, federal, actual funds and/or In-Kind, in Henry County, in three words:  TRAFFIC  TRAFFIC  TRAFFIC. BJ and her boys conveys to the public that we do not have enough money to properly address our traffic problems while passing up many millions of dollars that could be used. They do this to keep you thinking that with out the SPLOST tax, Henry County traffic would be in gridlock. We need someone with an unquestionable background and track record that will ensure that our taxes are spent wisely.

When we supported BJ Mathis, we bought a pig in a poke and lost. Like Obama, the only organization experience she had was a mere church group. Our bad.