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The Roads are Open; We Have Your Traffic Information at 11Alive.com

All the roads in Metro Atlanta are open today. You need to pack a huge load of patience while you get going though. There are many delays out there. For details on particular routes, check http://11alive.com/traffic.


The left lanes have ice in them. Stay out of those left lanes. Assume that all overpasses have ice on them; many have glaze ice that you will not be able to see until you are on them.

ALL of the on and off ramps have ice in them. Approach them slowly and carefully. If you speed onto an offramp or try to turn suddenly, you will slide and crash.


All have some ice on them. Most with three lanes ordinarily are down to two; most with two lanes regularly, are down to one lane.

Henry County Moves Forward with Interchange Design

Atlanta, GA--  Henry County is moving forward with a landscape design to enhance the interchange of I-75 and SR 20 at exit 218, which is considered a main thoroughfare to the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The Henry County Board of Commissioners awarded Ecos Environmental Design Inc. the contract in the amount of $15,000 to create a design that will enhance both the north and south exits at the interchange. The action came at a regular meeting earlier this month.

Last year, the County received a federal earmark from Congressman Lynn Westmoreland in the amount of $226,380 and later a Gateway Grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation in the amount of $50,000. The funds are to be used for a certain improvements to the interchange, such as a design and landscaping.

The project is part of a larger effort to brand the I-75 and Bruton Smith Parkway interchange as the Gateway to the Speedway.