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Atlanta Weather | Severe Weather Update
Atlanta Weather | Severe Weather Update

Short Term

Cloudy and gray conditions prevail across all of N Georgia this afternoon, temps are slowly rising into the mid and upper 60's. There are reports of some fog and light drizzle around the area, and an occasional shower but for the most part we are just cloudy and very mild.

Severe Weather Chances

There is a tornado watch across almost all of Alabama this afternoon that lasts until 5pm-CST. At this time there are no warnings of any kind in the watch area and the warning that have been up today have been on the southern edge of the system. This is good news for us. Granted the atmosphere will get a little more unstable as we go throughout the day, the levels of it will remain very low. We have the warm air at the surface, but the cold air at the upper levels of the atmosphere is out of phase with the surface low. In modern day English this means that we need very cold air over very warm air for violent thunderstorms... right now that cold air at the upper levels is all the way back in LA and west MS. That cold air at the upper levels will not make it here until after the cold front and line of t-storms passes through. So basically the atmosphere will remain relatively stable today. We will see some strong and some severe thunderstorms with strong winds (65mph +) roll through tonight, but as for a major outbreak the chances are very slim. That doesn't mean we won't have any tornado warnings tonight, that is a possibility, but as for actual tornadoes touching down I think the chance is slim. Flooding is a concern for us as we will see a lot of rain come out of this! all of NW Georgia is under a flash flood watch.


Current thinking is that the line in AL right now makes it to the western side of the state by around 4-5pm and moves through the metro around by around 9-10pm, then out of the area by 12-1am. 

My thoughts

I think we are going to see a lot of rain out of this and some flooding problems, especially in the western sections of the state. We might see a watch later today and we could have a few warnings but I think this will be mainly a heavy rain event.

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