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Sometimes Old School can still be better | News

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Sometimes Old School can still be better
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Sometimes Old School can still be better

McDONOUGH, GA - Folks were quick on the draw with their cell phones at a McDonough gas station on Highway 155 on Friday.

They wanted to capture a rare sight...an urban cowboy.

That's how most people react when Charles Edwards and his quarter horse, Honey, saunter into town.

"You know I have heard somebody say, 'Mom, look at the black cowboy,' you know; it's just a trip, man," said Edwards.

He began riding for social fun with the South Metro Riders Club about four years ago.

But these days his passion has turned into a practical way for Edwards to save money and educate people about history.

He even claims he can cover more ground on horseback.

"With the traffic growing in Henry County, I can get here faster than I can in a car," he said.

As they ponied up nearly four bucks a gallon to fill their horseless carriages, some drivers were thinking twice.

"He's a whole lot smarter than us 'cause he's keeping his ten dollars in his pocket," said motorist Charity McNeal, who'd just put that much gas in her SUV.

"Maybe if I hit the lottery, maybe I can go out and buy one," added motorist Priscilla Mosley.

One of Edwards' friends just took up the hobby a few months ago and has a new reason to ride his horse into town.

"I think I'm about to start now 'cause my license is suspended," Johnny Goodrum laughed.

Edwards says the 20 or so members of the South Metro Riders Club often ride in local parades and compete in bulldogging and barrel-racing contests.

They also provide trail rides, camping trips and events for children.

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